In an interdependent relationship, you are only as strong as your weakest link: we have therefore established a Tubular Solutions Division to focus on project sales of seamless stainless pipe from 1/2" to 20".

Part philosophy, part modus operandi, here are 10 reasons why we believe we can make a difference:

1. We provide answers within 24-48 hours. Not everyone needs answers this quickly, but when you do and it is truly an emergency, you will find our response to be of value.
2. Our suppliers have been audited and approved by most major end users. If these approvals are not enough for your customers, we can offer a third-party inspection of your choice at our expense.
3. We would rather lose an order rather than over-promise our delivery.
4. We know how critical on-time delivery is to projects: we back our promised deliveries to the final destination with Liquidated Damages.
5. We know that, while price is not the most critical factor when making a purchasing decision, you need to have both a competitive price AND value-for-money.
6. We require a pre-production meeting and will provide production status reports every two weeks.
7. We provide flexible, creative options to maximize our advantage to you.
8. We are disciplined in our pricing because we fully understand the structure of the project market.
9. We want to be your #1, #2 or #3 supplier for seamless stainless pipe for projects; we do not want to be your #4 supplier.
10. We are loyal to the customers who want to establish a long-term relationship with Emerdex.

Going forward, we want to be the link in the project supply chain that is of service, creates value, benefits all and gives a competitive advantage to our customers.

Please contact us to discuss further.
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